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Is Baptism a Converting Ordinance?

From A Speech that was to have been delivered to the members of the Warfield List March 10, 2004 In a letter to Charles Haddon Spurgeon, the great 19th century Scottish Presbyterian Pastor and Theologian John “Rabbi” Duncan wrote, regarding … Continue reading

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True Shepherds in a Time of Plague

In 1665 Bubonic Plague, the “Black Death” as it was called at the time, broke out in the city of London, and thousands died. Almost immediately, the royalty left the city, followed quickly by the rich, and then as one … Continue reading

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Should We Make Images of Jesus?

Should We Make Images of Jesus? The Relationship between the Second Commandment and Images of Christ The Following is a Brief listing of just some of the Reformed Evangelical witnesses that directly address the creation and use of pictures of … Continue reading

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Preparing Our Hearts For Worship

Many Christians report that, “they don’t get much out of worship” and that they find themselves listless, distracted, sleepy, bored, and unenthusiastic on Sunday morning. I am convinced, with the Puritans, that a major reason for this is a failure … Continue reading

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The Picture of a Godly Man

Believe it or not, church-going Christian Men have become a rare commodity. In fact, most American men, whether or not they identify as Christian, do not attend church on a weekly basis. In his book, Why Men Hate Going to … Continue reading

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WHY DO PRESBYTERIANS OBSERVE HOLY DAYS? Dr. Samuel Miller, Professor of Ecclesiastical History and Church Government at Princeton Seminary wrote confidently in 1835 “Presbyterians do not observe Holy Days.” 1 Yet some 164 years after the book in which Miller … Continue reading

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“What should the Church Teach Disciples to Observe?” (or why we don’t observe holy days in worship)

In looking over the posts here at BOSC, it occurred to me that we don’t much material explaining why Old School Presbyterians like myself don’t observe Holy Days like Christmas and Easter. In the following days, I’ll try to remedy … Continue reading

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J.I. Packer on Puritan Preaching

Over the next few months it’s my intention (D.V.) to post links to helpful audio resources on the subject of Pastoral ministry. I’d like to start by posting a link to an amazingly helpful lecture by J.I. Packer on preaching … Continue reading

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