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The Picture of a Godly Man

Believe it or not, church-going Christian Men have become a rare commodity. In fact, most American men, whether or not they identify as Christian, do not attend church on a weekly basis. In his book, Why Men Hate Going to … Continue reading

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The Deceiver’s Top Ten Tips For Making Sure You and Your Family Have a Miserable And Fruitless Experience in Church this Sunday

If you’ve been a Christian for any period of time at all, you may have noticed that the more time you spend in church, the harder it is to fit in and feel comfortable with non-believers or to really enjoy … Continue reading

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‎8 Pieces of Advice for Christians Who are Considering Moving

1) Have an eternal perspective when it comes to moving. Follow the example of the Apostolic church and put prayer, preaching, and the fellowship of the saints ahead of career and possessions. That means always being part of a church … Continue reading

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The Problem with Problems

I wrote the following 11 points a while back as reminders to myself. I meant them to be applied to my own pastoral ministry, but they strike me as equally applicable to everyone: When your ministry (or life) is full … Continue reading

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Ten Suggestions To Help You Grow in Grace and Knowledge in the New Year

1) Read Your Bible Before you read your email, log in to Face Book, turn on the radio, etc. Far too many of us spend time in the world, before we spend time in the Word and as a result … Continue reading

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E.M. Bounds on the Kind of Man Preachers Need to Be

It was Robert Murray M’Cheyne who penned the immortal lines “It is not great talents God blesses so much as great likeness to Jesus. A holy minister is an awful weapon in the hand of God.” That sentiment remains just … Continue reading

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Brownlow North and Six Short Rules for Christians

Few things will be more important to a successful Old School Presbyterian (OSP) ministry than zeal in all of our duties, and in particular, our preaching. Knox Hyndman notes: “Preachers of the Gospel are dealing with truths which always ought … Continue reading

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James W. Alexander on the Pastor’s Personal Piety

Many years ago, as part of my internship I was assigned a paper by J.W. Alexander (the son of Archibald Alexander, Old Princeton’s first professor) that made a profound impression upon me. It was on the subject of the minister’s … Continue reading

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