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What Is Our Real Aim in Preaching?

Every minister must examine his motives for preaching the gospel in light of the final judgment as this anecdote from John Whitecross reminds us: “A minister, in the early part of the 17th century was preaching before an assembly of … Continue reading

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A Wonderful Quote by Dabney on Materialism and Atheism

With my preceding post on Neo-Darwinianism in mind, I wanted to share the following quote from R.L. Dabney. I hope it will be an encouragement to OSP pastors who are sometimes wearied by having to labor in the midst of … Continue reading

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Refuting the Neo-Darwinian Faith

While I was on vacation last week my daughter and I went into NYC and one of the places we visited was the Museum of Natural History. As we were walking around, I couldn’t help but reflect that if Neo-Darwinians … Continue reading

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A Comment on Commenting

Up until recently, commenting and interaction on Building Old School Churches (hereafter BOSC) has been fairly good. Obviously not everyone has agreed with the theology or individual stands taken by this blog and the various writers, but even that has … Continue reading

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The Kind of Church Old School Congregations Need to Be

I’m sure most of you already aware of this, but some Old School Presbyterian church planting efforts fail. The church fails to grow, and eventually the effort comes to an end. Obviously we need to acknowledge that even this was … Continue reading

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