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Officer Training Book List Now Annotated

At the request of one of the blog readers, I have annotated the book list to indicate why I recommend the various books, and what their various strengths and weaknesses are.

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Upcoming Posts

Hi All, Just wanted to let everyone know about some upcoming posts today and tomorrow: Children in Worship “By Whose Authority Do We Do These Things?” That is of course in addition to whatever posts the other blog contributors (Pastor … Continue reading

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Some Rudimentary Thoughts on Church Planting

Some Rudimentary Thoughts on Church Planting By Pastor Andy Webb There are probably many words one might use to describe the majority of conservative Reformed mission churches in the PCA, for instance “hopeful” or “persevering” immediately come to mind. But … Continue reading

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Is this Mission Impossible?

“It’s too hard, I can’t do it!” “But you haven’t even tried!” “That’s because it’s impossible!” Ever had that kind of conversation? The person you are speaking with absolutely refuses to even try to do something because it seems too … Continue reading

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R.L. Dabney and Old School Methodology

“If the question be raised, why the church does not grow faster? …the fault is not ecclesiastical, but spiritual. The real need is not new methods, but fidelity to the old, a true revival in the hearts of ministers and … Continue reading

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What is an “Old School” Presbyterian Church and how are they built?

I’m glad you asked! That is after all what this blog is concerned with. First, the term “Old School” in the title is not specifically a reference to the pop culture phrase “old school” which, according to Wikipedia: “is a … Continue reading

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