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J.I. Packer on Puritan Preaching

Over the next few months it’s my intention (D.V.) to post links to helpful audio resources on the subject of Pastoral ministry. I’d like to start by posting a link to an amazingly helpful lecture by J.I. Packer on preaching … Continue reading

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The Loneliness of the Old School Pastor

Those of you who are pastors or elders of old school conviction may already be very familiar with the experience of ministerial loneliness. This is not a loneliness that comes because of a lack of friends or family, but rather … Continue reading

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Is a Virtual Church Really a Church?

For almost twenty years a cadre of brave, but largely unheeded, commentators such as David Wells and Udo Middelmann have been striving to alert Christians to the fact that church marketing gurus have fundamentally changed the pattern of evangelical churches. … Continue reading

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Let the Church do the Work of the Church!

The Following quote is from William Hendriksen’s commentary on Matthew and seems particularly apt, not only because of the various kinds of politicking going on in American churches at election time, but also because evangelicals in particular once again seem … Continue reading

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The Elements of Public Worship Appendix: Vestments “Under the apostles there was great simplicity in administering the Lord’s Supper. Their immediate successors made some additions to the dignity of the ordinance, which are not to be disapproved. Afterwards came foolish … Continue reading

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Some Meals Can’t Be Eaten “take-out”

Sometimes people ask if might be possible to take the elements of the Lord’s Supper to those who were not in the worship service or to simply have the pastor do a small “Lord’s Supper” service with the sick and … Continue reading

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