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Samuel Miller’s Pastoral Theology

My own first contact with Samuel Miller, Old Princeton’s Professor of Ecclesiastical History and Church Government, came many years ago when I read an essay that had a quote from his “Presbyterianism The Truly Primitive and Apostolical Constitution of the … Continue reading

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Some Advice to Pulpit Committees on Selecting a Pastor

Most Presbyterian and Reformed Denominations theoretically have a strong view of the doctrine of vocation. For instance the PCA Book of Church Order (BCO) states the following in chapter 16 “Church Orders – The Doctrine of Vocation“: 16-1. Ordinary vocation … Continue reading

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The Vital Relationship Between Spiritual Gifts and The Building Up Of the Church

In April of 1916, his ship Endurance crushed by ice, Ernest Shackleton, the Antarctic explorer left the majority of his crew on a bleak and barren rock called Elephant Island. Vowing to return and save them, he set out with … Continue reading

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