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On Family Worship

“Family worship, which ought to be performed by every family, ordinarily morning and evening, consists in prayer, reading the Scriptures, and singing praises. The head of the family, who is to lead in this service, ought to be careful that … Continue reading

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And You Thought YOUR Pastor Preached Long Sermons!

Very few congregations today can endure a sermon for longer than one hour, and it’s common to hear complaints when a sermon exceeds 45 minutes in length. But it’s worth noting that in the past Reformed Christians regularly endured and … Continue reading

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Q. Supra or Infralapsarian? A. Neither!

For literally years I have been uncomfortable with both the Supralapsarian and the Infralapsarian (or sublapsarian) views of Predestination. I suppose for the sake of those who may be wondering what on earth they are, I should go ahead and … Continue reading

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12 Tips For Christian Couples Who Want A Happy Marriage

In ten years of marriage counseling, I’ve noticed certain problems that tend to be present in almost every marriage that is either in trouble or headed for trouble. Here are some tips that if sincerely followed, would eliminate many of … Continue reading

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Can Reformed Baptists Join Old School Presbyterian Churches?

It is almost inevitable that Old School Presbyterian (OSP) church planters will have people from differing theological backgrounds visiting their congregations, and some of the most common visitors will be Reformed Baptists. Obviously having Reformed Baptists (RBs) visit your congregation … Continue reading

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The Strategic Advantages of Not Observing Christmas

One often hears complaints about how Christmas is becoming a time of superstition, commerce, and generally pagan revelry, but what American Christians don’t seem to realize is that this isn’t something new to our age, it’s been part and parcel … Continue reading

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On the Origins of Easter

I noted in a previous post that Samuel Miller, the first professor of ecclesiastical history and Church Government at Princeton, New Jersey had been asked by the Presbyterian Board of Publication to write a book on what Presbyterians believed. When … Continue reading

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