Posted by: Andrew Webb | January 8, 2014

On Family Worship

“Family worship, which Family-Worshipought to be performed by every family, ordinarily morning and evening, consists in prayer, reading the Scriptures, and singing praises. The head of the family, who is to lead in this service, ought to be careful that all the members of his household duly attend; and that none withdraw themselves unnecessarily from any part of family worship; and that all refrain from their common business while the Scriptures are read, and gravely attend to the same, no less than when prayer and praise are offered up.”
(American) Directory for Worship, chap. 15.

Some time ago I gave the following study on the Why, What, How, and When of Family Worship stressing its vital importance for the religious instruction of children. I believe that, along with prayer, there is literally nothing more important you can do for your children than to regularly worship with them at home. Of all the forms of worship (corporate, family, and personal) I believe this is form is the most in need of revival within the American church. Since we are beginning a new year, if you haven’t already done so, I want to recommend you commit yourself to starting the diligent practice of family worship in your own home. I hope this study will help to explain why and how!


  1. Would you point out the verses that direct family worship. I’ve long agreed that worship consists of scripture, prayer, and praise. But these can be, and frequently are, personal or small group activities. Isaiah 58 seems to speak directly to the nature of the worship and devotion that God desires. This kind of activity is what we see Christ doing in the Gospels–He reflects the worth of the Godhead continually. I’m thinking that while scripture, prayer, and praise are good and right, they are only part of what God desires.

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