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Children in Worship

One of the more obvious differences between the contemporary church and the church in every century up to the 20th is the tendency to remove children from the worship service and send them off to either playrooms or “children’s church.” … Continue reading

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Upcoming Posts

Hi All, Just wanted to let everyone know about some upcoming posts today and tomorrow: Children in Worship “By Whose Authority Do We Do These Things?” That is of course in addition to whatever posts the other blog contributors (Pastor … Continue reading

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“You will think you have had enough…”

One of the most consistently disheartening experiences for both the members and pastors of Old School Presbyterian (OSP) church plants is the small size of the congregations. I can well remember one particular Sunday sitting and listening to one of … Continue reading

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Who Gets to Decide How the Church Should Worship?

Who should decide how Churches are to go about worshipping the Lord? Should it be the Pastor? He’s been to seminary, and he gets paid to think about these things on a full time basis. He could probably come up … Continue reading

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Talking About Worship

Obviously, the most important thing that the church of Jesus Christ is to corporately worship Her Lord and Savior, so over the next few weeks I want to look in detail at the content of our worship from an Old … Continue reading

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Some Rudimentary Thoughts on Church Planting

Some Rudimentary Thoughts on Church Planting By Pastor Andy Webb There are probably many words one might use to describe the majority of conservative Reformed mission churches in the PCA, for instance “hopeful” or “persevering” immediately come to mind. But … Continue reading

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Addressing Problems in Preaching…

While far too many contemporary pastors spend their time attempting to amuse, impress, and entertain their hearers, far too many conservative pastors tend to go in the opposite direction; the sermons they produce are dull, long-winded, and technical, and in … Continue reading

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