R.L. Dabney and Old School Methodology

“If the question be raised, why the church does not grow faster? …the fault is not ecclesiastical, but spiritual. The real need is not new methods, but fidelity to the old, a true revival in the hearts of ministers and Christians themselves, a faith that “feels the power of the world to come,” a solemn and deep love for souls. What we most need is repentance, and not innovation.”

(Discussions by R.L. Dabney vol. 2, Sprinkle publications; p.656)

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3 Responses to R.L. Dabney and Old School Methodology

  1. Well-chosen quotation from one of the more distinguished Southern Old School gentlemen.

    By the way, what is that a photo of, at the top of the homepage? It’s lovely.

  2. Andrew Webb says:

    Hi Rich,

    I’m pretty sure you are referring to the default photo, and not the new one. I’m not sure where that one was from, it’s from the OCEAN MIST template by Ed Merritt – maybe wordpress has info?

  3. Where is the new one from?

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